April 2015

How Can I Schedule Tweets for Free?

Following the trend set by competitor FaceBook, Twitter updated its advertising tools on Monday, allowing marketers to pre-schedule and publish tweets directly from Twitter. Unfortunately, scheduling is only available to Twitter Business users. If you are a normal user and this functionality still appeals to you, there are many third-party social media management tools that can provide […]

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Schema Markup for Emails

Gmail users can typically find call-to-action buttons within the subject line of an email. For example, if you’ve recently booked a flight to Hawaii, your airline may send you a confirmation email which includes an interactive way to view your travel plans. Schema on emails is incorporated the exact same way as schema on webpages—helping

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Rich Snippets Overriding Google ‘Mobile-friendly’ Tag

On Monday, April 27th, Steve Morgan of SEOno reported that some rich snippet markup was displacing Google’s ‘mobile-friendly’ tag in Google mobile search results pages. While testing search results for a website, he noticed that the top result was not displaying the ‘mobile-friendly’ tag, though it was mobile friendly, and was outranking pages that were

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Google Confirms Quality Score Unaffected by Mobile Algorithm

Kate O’Donovan of the Google Adwords team in Dublin, has confirmed that Adwords quality score will remain unaffected by the mobile algorithm change. Kate wrote the following in the Adwords help forum: “Remember this update will not affect your AdWords performance or your individual Quality Scores.” This is important for Adwords campaigns that are linking back

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Who are the Winners & Losers of Google’s Mobile Algorithm?

Since last week’s new Google mobile algorithm rollout last week many wondered, how much of this will affect ranking on mobile search results. According to Searchmetrics there are notable winners and losers that are starting to roll in. This data was collected was based on a data point from Searchmetrics called Mobile SEO Visibility. This

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Improvements to Apple Maps

For some time now, Apple has been discussing adding public transit information to its mapping product and they’re getting closer! The company has had access to the transit information, but for reasons that remain unknown, hasn’t been able to add transit directions into Maps. The company is looking to hire a software engineer who will

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