August 2013


Google is taking some heat recently for an accidentally voicemail left by one of their AdWords Account Managers. The account manager forgot to end his call with the client’s voicemail, when suddenly he noticed the client had recently upgraded to enhanced campaigns without consulting him. The manager went on to curse the client and say

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Spot Trends More Quickly on Google Adwords

This week, Google has introduced additional options for tracking and viewing traffic information on your AdWords account to give you more precise data on specific time periods.  This is particularly helpful for those folks who run product campaigns for limited times or are tweaking their keywords to see how they are affecting your search traffic. 

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Google AdWords rolls out New Quality Score

Last week Google announced that it will be rolling out a new perspective for how their quality scores are reported. In a post, Google noted that they “tie your 1-10 numeric Quality Score more closely to its three key sub factors – expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience”. Google was quick to note that the

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