Tips for Video Marketing & SEO Success

According to Cisco research, in 2019, 80 percent of web traffic will be through video. So, if you have not yet implemented a marketing strategy for video content, now is the time! But before you get started you need to define your goals for video marketing, whether your goal is to drive more conversions or spread brand awareness. Let’s look at some of the tactics for SEO best practices.

1. Mobile Optimization

Mobile has surpassed desktop views a few years now and will only continue to grow. With mobile optimization being the primary focus of web optimization today, ensuring that your website is well optimized and videos are uploaded to sites like YouTube and Vimeo will keep you ahead of your goals for video marketing. Let’s look at some of the tactics for SEO best practices.

2. Metadata

As you do for optimizing a page on a website, the video also requires unique and clear meta title and descriptions for search engines to identify and better understand what the topic of the video is and rank video results.

3. Create a sitemap

If your website contains a significant amount of video content, creating a separate video sitemap will keep your website site nicely structured.

4. Create an engaging thumbnail

Having a captivating featured image that stands out from the rest will increase the chances of grabbing a user’s attention in the search results. Make sure the image also reflects the topic of the video. Nobody likes to see a clickbait that is irrelevant to the content. This will result in poor engagement.

5. Keep the length of video at a minimum

With our attention spans in this digital age, keep the duration of the video relatively short. However, if you are creating a how-to video, then it makes sense to keep the video duration longer.

6. Encourage likes and comments

A consumer habit nowadays is to read comments and likes to see how others had reacted to your video content. This is a great way to create a compelling call-to-action and encourage other users to be involved with the video content.
Keep in mind all these practices are essentially important for video optimization. Maintaining a clear and concise outlook on the end goal should be your priority.

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