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10 Google Hacks That Make Life Easier

Whenever you want to make a query, you just use Google, right?  Google is usually the go-to for finding websites and conducting research, but Google is good for so much more than finding out the weather of the day and finding local restaurants.

Here are 10 hacks you can use Google just by landing in Google search results pages.

  1. Voice Search – By clicking the microphone icon in Google search, you can speak your queries which helps you avoid texting and driving or getting your hands messy while cooking.
  2. Book a Flight – You can check flight airlines, times, and book right on the search results page.  Just type in your destination and select one-way or round trip.
  3. Know the Distance – You can check out mileage and travel time without even going on Google Maps.
  4. Calculate Your Tip – We’ve all struggled when the bill came and you didn’t know how to properly calculate the tip. Searching for the tip calculate will automate the appropriate tip for your bill.
  5. Convert Currency – Budgeting for your out-of-country travels? Make sure you’re bringing the right amount by converting your currency using Google without having to go to the bank.
  6. Know Your Calories – You can check the calories of your meal, and get comparisons of foods you’re eating. Just search “food” vs “food,” and you’ll be presented with a chart that compares the nutritional value of your food.
  7. Search Special Holidays – Not only can you search for holiday dates, but you can also set Google reminders, so you have no excuse for missing Mother’s Day.
  8. Find Popular Searches – Looking for popular Britney Spears songs for your Throwback Thursday playlist or looking up movies Brad Pitt is in? Google will give you a list of popular songs, books, or movies by searching queries about specific singers, authors, or movies.
  9. Translate Characters and Symbols – Google Translate has a manual feature that allows you draw characters and symbols and translate it to other languages.
  10. Check the Score – You can find out game stats and check game schedules of your favorite sports teams.

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