10 Commonly Asked Questions About Social Media Marketing – Answered!

Having a social media presence has become a routine marketing tactic for nearly every business, and with its unwavering online evolution, marketing professionals are constantly searching for answers on how they can best leverage social media within their organization’s marketing efforts.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related social media marketing.

Does social media marketing really help my business?

Actually, not having a social media marketing strategy can harm your business, since having an online presence on social media is expected of any reputable company.  But if you plan on creating social media profiles, be sure to keep an active online presence by figuring out how many times to post to each platform.

What are the benefits of having a social media presence?

Having a social media presence not only allows you to promote your products or services, it also provides a space where consumers can communicate and develop relationships with businesses.

How should I measure my social media marketing success?

You can measure success by monitoring overall traffic to your website, and customer engagement.

Which social media platforms should my business have a presence on?

Your company Facebook profile will more than likely be your main social media platform, but depending upon your type of business, platforms like LinkedIn won’t work as well as having a Pinterest profile.  Spend time figuring out your target audience and what platforms they gravitate toward.

Does my company need a blog for social media marketing?

Besides increasing your credibility as an industry expert, having a blog is a vital component of your social media marketing strategy to drive more traffic to your website.

What type of content converts the best?

The best way to find out what type of content converts most effectively is to perform test runs to better understand your audience, and the kind of content that receives the most engagement.  You can also figure out the type of content to post by seeing what type of content gets your competitors the most engagement on their profiles.

What is a common social media marketing mistake I should avoid?

One of the worst mistakes is inconsistency – such as posting sporadically or not responding to followers who reach out to you in the comments, write reviews, or send you direct messages.  Get your content on a consistent posting schedule as well as follow up to comments, reviews, and messages in a timely manner.

Is social media taking the place of email marketing?

On some social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, each post only reaches a small portion of your following, whereas users who’ve opted to your email list will always receive your newsletter.  Consider signing up for an email platform to increase your reach and potentially gain new followers from your subscriber list.

How important is it to post my blog content on social media?

Posting content to your blog, sitting back, and crossing your fingers that users will find your post is an exercise in futility.   Using your blog posts as a part of your content marketing strategy is a great way to have content to post on social media.

Do I really need to use hashtags in my posts?

Hashtags can seem unnecessary, but they can increase the chances of your content getting noticed and interacted with on social media.  When users search for related content, your posts will show up over your competitors who didn’t include hashtags in their posts.



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