Why Should I Block Google from Reading Pages on my Website?

If pages on your website contain duplicate content that’s been taken from another website, blocking Google may be smart. If you do not want to remove the content completely off our site, telling Google to ignore it is the next option. The negatives of keeping the duplicate content on your website and doing nothing is that Google will believe you are stealing from someone else and will penalize you. Your Google ranking will begin to drop.

You can prevent Google from reading the content on a specific page from your website. Code placed in the back end of your website makes it so Google can not rank an individual page.  To prevent search engines from indexing your site, place <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”> in between the <head> section of your website. By blocking Google from reading your site, this duplicate content will not include your search engine ranking but it may still improve your users experience. Your website won’t be penalized and your customers can still enjoy the additional duplicate pages!


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